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Rasel Sordar
Jun 06, 2022
In General Discussion
Canon's country manager Mike Johnston said Latest Mailing Database at the time "Superior customer service is a priority and a point of difference for the company. It makes good business sense to manage the contact centre in house, rather than sending it offshore" Having seen an Latest Mailing Database exodus of Kiwis chasing the Australian dream, we now see Kiwis returning to NZ and Australian companies moving to NZ. Even with the mining Latest Mailing Database boom flattening out in Australia it is still cheaper to get work done in NZ than in Australia, by about one third. Australia's cost base has become too Latest Mailing Database high and NZ has cheaper labour costs and cheaper electricity. IBM, Heinz, iiNet, lucmo, Quickly, L'Oréal, Australia's third Latest Mailing Database largest bank and Fairfax Media have moved jobs over to NZ. Given NZ and Australia speak English, both are culturally different, but very similar. Latest Mailing Database More like "kissing cousins". So it's not just cost that becomes a factor, communication and excellent skills make NZ a great place to either Near shore or move to from Australia. Pete Macauley of Michael Page stated, "Now Latest Mailing Database more Australians are considering heading over the ditch". His Latest Mailing Database reason being that job losses has pushed Australian unemployment to a four year high. There are some down sides to being based in NZ. One of Latest Mailing Database those is having a HQ in Australia and that can make the NZ part of the company the poor cousin. Having worked with several companies in this situation here Latest Mailing Database in NZ, I see the frustration for the CEOs and Senior Executives. One such company based in NZ with an Australian HQ had won lots of work and had a great pipeline of future sales. They were a good company with an excellent reputation.
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Rasel Sordar

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